30 Day Star Wars Challenge - 30

Why you love Star Wars

There’s never been a fictional universe with as much depth and completeness as the Star Wars universe. Several worlds have been described and explored with so much detail that it feels as if I’ve actually stepped foot on those worlds. I can see myself running through the plains of Dantooine on my way to the Jedi Enclave. I can see myself standing on Ahto City and gazing out at Manaan’s sunset. I can see myself exploring the Great Jedi Library on Ossus and learning about past eras. I can see myself standing in awe at the tombs of Marka Ragnos, Ajunta Pall, Tulak Hord, and Naga Sadow on Korriban. Most of all, I can see myself standing in the Room of a Thousand Fountains on Coruscant. The beauty of these worlds and several others is one of the innumerable reasons that I keep coming back to Star Wars.

Many of the characters of Star Wars have also been my greatest teachers. Darth Sion taught me that the worst kinds of pain are not physical. Master Zez-Kai Ell taught me that even the most respected people are capable of terrible mistakes. Han Solo and Chewbacca taught me to love my friends while they’re still with me. Master Quinlan Vos taught me to confront my inner demons. Darth Nihilus taught me the difference between a great power and a great burden. Bastilla Shan taught me to value the lives of others. Jolee Bindo taught me that some things are or aren’t meant to be. Kyle Katarn taught me that actions are not always inherently good or evil; it’s the intention behind the action. The Exile taught me that I don’t need the Force to be amazing. Darth Revan taught me that the past does not define the rest of my life. These characters probably had more influence on me than anything else in my life. Most of what I am or what I believe in comes from Star Wars.

Love of Star Wars is one of the main commonalities among my friends. We all have our own fandoms that we love and follow, but Star Wars is the one thing that a majority of us love. I do have friends that are not interested in Star Wars, and it breaks my heart. I hope that one day, they’ll join me in this fantastic fandom. Until then, I’ll continually bother them with my ramblings of droids and starships.

Star Wars will always be the most important fandom of my life.

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